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  We regularly ask our clients if they are satisfied with the standard of advice they are given. We have undertaken structured surveys of client satisfaction and used the results to modify the delivery of our services where this may benefit our clients.
  Some of their comments are repeated below.

We have known and worked with Stephen Mitchell of Mitchell Price for over 7 years and we immediately called Mitchell Price when Bally decided to open a new shop near Dublin in Ireland. He provided us with initial cost projections and acted as our "eyes and ears" in Ireland throughout the project since we are based in Switzerland and needed someone we could trust to monitor the activity on the project. Mitchell Price helped us to achieve our goals and our shop is trading successfully.

The professionalism displayed by Mitchell Price always meets our expectations.







Luigi Basilico and Marina Grupallo: Store Development Department - Bally Shoes

Natalie Lucaora
Lead Designer
Diane Coward
Retail Director
Mont Blanc
Luigi Basilico
Store Development Director
Bally Shoes
Jon Austin
Kentish Rifleman Pub

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